Cleaning Wooden Floors

Tips for mopping wooden floors

Timber is a popular choice for flooring and this comes with it’s own niggles and needs. For example you shouldn’t use hot water as it can ruin your floors. If wet patches are left they may stain and at worst you may find your wood expanded and warped. It’s not to hard to prolounge the life of your floors, checkout our top tips below:

1. Dry it, dry it again and dry it again

The mop needs to be as dry as possible, so keep wringing it out as much moisture as you can until you feel confident the mop is only very slightly damp. Using a mop and bucket combination that has been designed for easy wringing will go a long way to making this easier for you. Your floors will also dry much faster too!

2. Follow the Grain

Mopping in the direction of the wood grain ensures embedded dirt is more easily picked up, making mopping easier and more effective.

3. Find a Solution

Many people recommend using just water and vinegar. If you care about your floors, don’t add anything harsh to the mop water like bleach. Using a dedicated wood floor solution or just a little soap in the mop water will ensure dirt is better lifted and bring back that beautiful timber gleam.

4. The Right Mop

With all the mops out there to choose from, what should you use? The good news is there are mops specifically designed for timber floors with the right features to help take care of your floorboards. Look for one that is labelled for timber,

What are your tips and techniques for mopping timber floors?