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Cleaning Wooden Floors

Tips for mopping wooden floors Timber is a popular choice for flooring and this comes with it’s own niggles and needs. For example you shouldn’t use hot water as it can ruin your floors. If wet patches are left they may stain and at worst you may find your wood expanded and warped. It’s not to hard to prolounge…

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Make An Effort

Don’t let it get on-top of you, little things go a long way! Tip: When you get up or head to a different part of your home why not make an effort to put something away? We know it can be tough! and if you have children running around causing chaos then it can almost be near an impossible, endless…

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Domestic Cleaning

It’s quite simple to say we offer ‘Cleaning Services’ but what does that mean in practical terms? All of our services are custom, they’re built around the task proposed and your personal requirements. We are lucky to employ some of the finest cleaning teams in Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Shropshire. Below you’ll find a few examples of the tasks our teams carry…

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Before and After Carpet

Ever wondered just how powerful our carpet cleaners really are? Here’s a recent before & after shot of just how powerful our carpet cleaning and sophisticated deep cleaning system really is! With Carpet cleaning from £29.99 shouldn’t you just see how good it is for yourself. Book your carpet cleaning consultation here.

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Red Wine Vs Carpet

It’s around this time where we often get messages from some of our customers asking one particular question “How do you get red (or white & rose, we don’t discriminate) wine out of carpets and upholstery?” It can be tough and very frustrating dealing with stains – especially if you didn’t make them! Just remember each type of carpet…

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